Dr. Jiazhi Xia is currently an associate professor in School of Information Science and Engineering at Central South University, China. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from The Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2011 and obtained his M.S.degree and B.S degree in Computer Science and Technology from Zhejiang University in 2008 and 2005, respectively. His research interest includes data visualization, visual analytics, and computer graphics.


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Professional Services

● Committee Member, CCF TC Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics
● Committee Member, CSIG, TC Visualization and Visual Analytics

● Program Committee Member, ChinaVis, 2017, 2018
● Program Committee Member, ChinaGraph, 2016, 2018
● Program Committee Member, ChinaCAD, 2016-2018
● Program Committee Member, CAD/Graphics, 2017, 2019
● Program Committee Member, ICVRV, 2017

Reviewer: IEEE TVCG, IEEE TCSVT, IEEE TOM, IEEE TIST, IEEE TSP, The Visual Computer, Computer&Graphics, IEEE Vis, EuroVis, PacificVis, I3D


● Pattern-driven High-dimensional Data Visual Analytics, ChinaGraphics, Guangzhou, 2018
● Visual Analytics of Low-dimensional Structures in High-dimensional Datasets, ChinaCAD, Tianjin, 2017
● High-dimensional Data Visual Analysis, GAMES(Online), 2017
● High-dimensional Data Visualization, Visualization Summer School at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 2017
● Exploratory Analysis of Low-Dimensional Structures in High-Dimensional Datasets, China-Germany Visualization Workshop, Qingdao, 2017


● The Foundation of Programming and the C Programming Language(2016-), for undergraduate students
● Computer Graphics(2015-), for undergraduate students
● Visualization Techniques(2017), for undergraduate students
● Programming for Computer Games(2015), for undergraduate students
● Visualization(2017), for graduate students
● Image Processing(2015), for graduate students


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Yawei Zhang(2014-2017) She is currently a staff in agricultural bank of China (Beijing). She has won national scholarship during her graduate study in 2016.
Rui Li(2012-2016) He is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Ohio State University. He has contributed to three papers during his undergraduate study.